Free stuff

My free short texts:

“The Annotated “History of the Necronomicon“”. H.P. Lovecraft’s infamous short text, extensively annotated.

“The Annotated “The Lurking Fear””. “Fear” was a Home Brew pulp ‘shocker’, which H.P. Lovecraft used to test the Catskill Mountains as a potential suitable location for his emerging horror stories.

“The Annotated “Nyarlathotep””. My first venture into H.P. Lovecraft annotation.

⚙ A free sample essay from my book Lovecraft In Historical Context: the fifth collection (2014). “H.P. Lovecraft and Great Zimbabwe”.

“On Cloud Atlas and Catharism”. An extended scholarly review, examining Cloud Atlas in historical context.

⚙ My draft “Selected bibliography on The Time Machine by H.G. Wells”. Created during my emerging scholarly interest in the early Wells, when I was writing a sequel to The Time Machine.

The Folk-lore of North Staffordshire: An Annotated Bibliography, England. Only of local interest. But we do have the setting for the world-famous supernatural tale Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, among others.

There are also some book reviews on this blog.

My books:

⚙ No major books at present, though I have in the past given away three of these in PDF for a limited time. Watch this space!

Guest books and papers:

⚙ Kenneth W. Faig, Jr. and David Haden (2014), The Providence Amateur Press Club, 1914-1916. Second edition, revised and with new illustrations. Lovecraft’s local attempt to start an amateur journalism group in Providence.

⚙ Randy Everts, Unknown Friends of H. P. Lovecraft: No. 1, Chester Alwyn Mowry.

⚙ Randy Everts, Unknown Friends of H. P. Lovecraft: No. 2, Woodburn Prescott Harris.

⚙ Randy Everts, Unknown Friends of H. P. Lovecraft: No. 3, David Horn Whitter.

⚙ Randy Everts, Unknown Friends of H. P. Lovecraft: No. 4, James Tobey Pyke.

RK – Rheinhart Kleiner: A Memoir. A new scan of the 1951 stencil-printed booklet by James Guinane, with my new annotations. With thanks to Dennis Weiler for the raw scans.

An early Lovecraft appearance in fiction: “The Black Druid” (1930). My annotated PDF of the Frank Belknap Long story.


The Alphabet of Walking: a new anthology, which I made as a little side-project from my book Walking with Cthulhu: H.P. Lovecraft as psychogeographer, New York City 1924-26.

London Reimagined: an anthology of visions of the future city. An old sampler I made, intended for classroom use.

Free templates:

Free InDesign 6″ x 9″ book template in a ‘Classic Book’ style, and set up to work like Word.

Audio readings:

⚙ Audio readings of Lovecraft’s “The Cats of Ulthar” and “The Moon-Bog”; plus a version of “The Boy Who Shuddered”, from the Brothers Grimm.

Free art and book covers:

Some Places Known to Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Hi-res map of Lovecraft’s places in Providence. Not to be sold or re-distributed please. Omits: the Athenaeum (very little evidence of his connection with it); his childhood schools, the YMCA, and buildings/places variously claimed to have inspired his stories. There may eventually be a second map that covers the latter.

lovecraft_providence_final_hires_2015-thHigh resolution version here (11Mb, 300dpi in .JPG).

Three free book covers from public domain sources.

A free Cthulhu-esque book cover by me. Feel free to use for the cover of your own bona fide Lovecraft book.

RPG scenario:

“The Assemblage of Dr Arnold Astrall”. Copiously illustrated.