At The Gotham Center for New York City History, David J. Goodwin takes a look at Marriage, Failure, and Exile: H.P. Lovecraft in New York.

By Percy Sperr, No. 169 Clinton St. (end, left) on 29th April 1935. My upscale to 1300px (it won’t take more, without looking like it’s been run through a naff Photoshop filter) and colourising.

Over at Another Town on the Hudson blog Goodwin also reveals he’s created a photo-map of Greenwich Village with H.P. Lovecraft, and has found some fine pictures.

Many favourites had gone from Greenwich, some as early as a few months after Lovecraft’s own departure, though. For instance he revisited in May 1928 and found many of his former key Greenwich ‘places’ swept away, Varick St. gone along with “the tangle of The Minettas”, and in other places many Georgian houses had been individually pulled down.