Hippocampus has announced and has a page for the new and greatly-expanded edition of H.P. Lovecraft: Letters To Rheinhart Kleiner and Others. The “and Others” section includes, among others, “a small batch of letters and postcards to Arthur Leeds”. Although these still fill 100 pages. In all, there are over 200 pages of additional annotated letters to correspondents other than Kleiner. I suspect most have been published before, but they won’t have been annotated before. Shipping in October, apparently.

From The Photodramatist, December 1921. Kleiner’s light poem on ‘seeing the world’ via cinema news-reel and travel-short, which only a century ago was a relatively new media form and a new audience experience for much of America. The poem is not listed in the first Letters To Rheinhart Kleiner.