There’s a new bibliographic website for prolific British writer Michael Moorcock. The Works Of Michael Moorcock is obviously still a work-in-progress, but the pages for books and shorter fiction appear fairly complete.

Moorcock tried his hand with at least one Sherlock Holmes pastiche, but has no overtly Lovecraftian pastiches that I’m aware of. His leftist attacks on many other writers, often described in words such as ‘brusque’ or ‘pungent’, turned out no differently in Lovecraft’s case and with the usual knocks being offered (“astonishingly awful prose” etc). Though Moorcock did briefly ‘open source’ his Jerry Cornelius character, and that was most likely partly inspired by the growing awareness of how Lovecraft had shared and thus expanded the Lovecraft Mythos. However Moorcock soon back-tracked on the offer. Thus others had to invent their own ‘Cornelius-alikes’ after copyright challenges, such as Bryan Talbot with Luther Arkwright, or the great Moebius who had to re-work some of his comics masterpiece The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius.