A “New” R.E. Howard Letter, which had been hiding in plain sight in ‘The Eyrie’ in the Weird Tales issue for May 1926.

Howard recommends Nordic stories to the editor and readers. He singles out the Grettir the Outlaw vampire story from Iceland, presumably in the Sabine Baring-Gould translation (1890) rather than William Morris (1869) — though Howard scholars may know otherwise. But possibly younger readers of Weird Tales may equally have found it via Allen French’s popular and streamlined retelling for children The Story Of Grettir The Strong (1908) in their public library.

It would probably be useful for scholars to have a “complete Eyrie and Souk” to 1945, compiled into a single PDF with good OCR, once all the Weird Tales scans and related titles are on Archive.org. Or someone might produce an annotated and indexed ebook of such.