More new videos from Howard Days 2019, kindly made and posted by Ben Friberg.

1. “What’s new with REH”

“Carney and Emmelhainz talking about their new role as editors of The Dark Man, the journal of Robert E. Howard studies” and new developments. The journal is being put on a regular schedule, and will be expanded in range to include papers on other Howard-era pulp topics. After this presentation there’s some news about the circa 2020 (affordable paperback) publication of Howard letters and poems, with all the known poems in perhaps three volumes. Then the session ends with an update on the ongoing Conan commercialisations, such as comics and games, in which the audience learns that Conan has now joined Marvel’s Avengers team of superheroes.

2. “The History of Project Pride”, on the locally-led and increasingly successful 30-year project to preserve Howard’s legacy in Cross Plains. A great listen, and you’ll learn a whole lot about the town and its spirit.

The Glenn Lord Symposium videos are also being posted, short presentations from scholars from the symposium element of the Days, but I’ll do a linking post on those once they’re all up.

The trailer, keynote speech and a major panel were all posted a few days ago.