Black Gate has a new survey of “The Weird Tales Anthologies”. With covers and some tables of contents. It’s not comprehensive but lays out what you might find cheaply and has useful brief assessments. Note that some of the book covers may not be “safe for work”, in these prudish days.

Another new survey is a detailed evaluation by The Pulp Hermit of the run of Bronze Shadows, the ground-breaking early Doc Savage / Shadow fanzine which ran for 15 issues in the 1960s. Altus Press also has an evaluation of its place in history, in “Bronze Shadows & The Moon Man”.

Also in the category of retrospectiva posts, Murray Ewing has a new long post in which he revisits Erich von Daniken’s influential Chariots of the Gods? book and its claims…

Von Daniken’s own method mostly consists of rhetoric rather than proof. [His] technique is to find oddities, puzzles, and things that the average reader might be surprised to find in the ancient world, then point at them and say, “Well, who can say it’s not aliens?”