This post is rather important! Today I’ve launched my new Patreon donations campaign. I can’t continue to work on Lovecraft without your help. To guarantee the future production of new work, please consider pledging $1 a month or more through my page at the popular Patreon crowdfunder service. Your support will help to keep Tentaclii thriving, keep my new discoveries flowing, and (if enough patrons are found) will even make my books free to all.


I’m also offering some small-but-nice Rewards to my new patrons. Please take a look.

The principle of Patreon is simple — be patron of the arts. It’s safe to sign up at Patreon, and it then only takes a few seconds to plug in your PayPal ID.

If you can’t donate then you can still help. For instance, by sharing my Patreon page on Facebook. Or by showing it to others in person at the NecronomiCon 2015 convention — perhaps via your tablet/phone, at your vendor table, or by mentioning it during a panel. I also welcome reader suggestions for new or improved Patreon Rewards. Thanks!