If you can read Italian, the Italian ‘Project Aphorism’ aims to compile a complete list of aphorisms found in Lovecraft’s Italian translations. Here’s an approximate translation of the blurb…

CONTENT — New research to promote sharing ideas on the thought of HPL as a man, writer and thinker, further increasing the circularity of experience / contacts between magazine, experts and readers. The course aims to collect in an agile book the APHORISMS contained in the correspondence, in fiction, non-fiction of Lovecraft.

HOW TO ENTER — Are you a fan of HPL? Want to be a STAR of literary research? Now you can. How? Any fan can “adopt” a text of Lovecraft, [and] move in search of aphorisms through the reading of texts. You should reference your found quotations to the text of an Italian edition. And add more precise data: title of the story, the book / anthology from which the quotation is taken, publisher, year of publication, the translator. We will consider only complete reports on a Lovecraft work.