The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination has grants to…

support undergraduate student projects on imagination. Specifically, projects that will lead to a deeper understanding of imagination as a neuro-cognitive and socio-cultural phenomenon, as well as projects that apply imagination in novel and impactful ways are encouraged. Creative works (art, music, dance, theater, literature, etc…), technology development, or scientific study, in which the role of human imagination is foregrounded are appropriate for the funding. Projects that involve cross disciplinary collaborations are particularly encouraged, and all funded projects are expected to be featured in Clarke Center events and facilities per the timeline below. We anticipate awarding three grants this year.”

Opens 25th January 2015. Fleeing night-dream memories and their potential for having subtle impacts on everyday waking decision behaviors, that would be my choice of a topic. Which would also tie into Lovecraft’s interest in dreams somewhat.