Fiendish Lovecraftian New Year’s Eve Trivia Quiz:

1. What was the name of the talented Lovecraft correspondent who went on to write Green Lantern comic book stories in the 1940s?

2. What was the name of the long-lived street cat Lovecraft often met, when he walked into the centre of Providence?

3. Atop what type of structure did Lovecraft climb in 1925, to observe the distant towers of New York City being plunged into darkness by a great solar eclipse?

4. What was Lovecraft’s membership-card number for the UAPA?

5. In 1935 Lovecraft and Barlow designed faux letterhead stationery, for which fictional Lovecraft character?

6. In 1936 Lovecraft received in the mail a copy of the Forty-sixth Anniversary edition of the journal The Lovecrafter. When did this journal start its run?

7. The convivial Kappa Alpha Tau society, for which Lovecraft composed poetry and song, regularly met together at which prestigious venue in Providence?

Grand prize for those with all-correct answers: a copy of The S.T. Joshi Guide to Overcoming Writer’s Block: You Too Can Write 20 Books a Year (Hamster Wheel Media, 2014).