Feline Classics (Eureka Productions, Aug 2014, 144 pages), a new anthology. It melds new art and comics with public domain stories and poems. When you flip it over, it reverses into being Canine Classics on dogs — which is not so Lovecraftian. In the kittee section Lovecraft is represented by his poem “The Cats”, alongside an illustration for it. There’s also an essay on cats by Robert E. Howard, “The Beast from the Abyss”, on the rough lives of the semi-wild cats of a Texan oil town.

• Ancient Sorceries – by Algernon Blackwood
adapted by Alex Burrows and Randy DuBurke

• The Beast from the Abyss – an essay by Robert E. Howard
illustrated by Peter Kuper

• Dog, Cat and Baby – by Joe R. Lansdale
illustrated by Lance Tooks

• A Little Fable – by Franz Kafka
illustrated by Vincent Stall

• Tobermory – by Saki
adapted by Trina Robbins and Lisa K. Weber

• The Owl and the Pussy-Cat – a poem by Edward Lear
illustrated by Mary Fleener

• The Cat and the King – by Ambrose Bierce
illustrated by Johnny Ryan

• Fog – a poem by Carl Sandburg
illustrated by Skot Olsen

• The Cats – a poem by H.P. Lovecraft
illustrated by Allen Koszowski

• The King o’ the Cats – by Joseph Jacobs
illustrated by Pat N. Lewis

• What I learn from Cats – a poem by John Lehman
illustrated by Milton Knight