First review for Klinger’s New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft, from Publisher’s Weekly (25th Aug 2014)…

His outline of the historical evolution of horror literature provides useful insight into the influences on Lovecraft’s style and the evolution of the pulp magazine industry that gave him a literary outlet. The biographical entry skims the surface of a complex individual’s life, but the presence of several apparently clashing views illustrates the difficulty and ultimate futility of rendering a single verdict on a writer. Despite Klinger’s stated goal of expanding Lovecraft’s audience, the exhaustive historical background and biographical information he supplies (familiar to readers of 2004’s The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes) will appeal more to the fan than the neophyte, and [yet] with Lovecraft’s 125th birthday just around the corner, in 2015, committed enthusiasts may prefer to discuss new scholarly analysis rather than revisit familiar ground.”

Wilum Pugmire also has a new commentary on his advance copy of Klinger, on his blog

A book that is a superb if at times eccentric study of Lovecraft’s fiction is the forthcoming The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft, edited and annotated by Leslie S. Klinger. I have an advance reading copy of the book, and it enthralls me. Klinger’s foreword goes on for many pages and is keenly informed and fascinating. His Notes are very different from those found in editions of Lovecraft edited by S. T. Joshi, and his approach, of treating the stories as texts of actual events, is often edifying.”