A bizzare rider to the history of Henry Kuttner

Kuttner met his wife, the writer C.L. Moore, through a mutual correspondence with H.P. Lovecraft; when he died, she became his literary executor, then married a non-writer who ordered her to stop writing, and insisted that she suppress future publication of Kuttner’s work”

Sad to say that there appears to have been a similar fate in store for a few of the other writers in the Lovecraft circle, Munn for instance. But in the case of Kuttner, it’s now the case of ‘ebooks to the rescue!’. Gateway (Gollancz, they of the famous yellow dustjackets) re-published The Best of Henry Kuttner in May 2014, along with a number of Kuttner books they still have the rights to. And now Diversion has just re-published 14 further Kuttner titles as Kindle ebooks, including The Book of Iod: Ten Cthulhu Stories.