Chris Jarocha-Ernst’s HPL’s Charleston, a photo-tour that tries to follow part of Lovecraft’s own tour.

… that apex of colonial antiquity—Charleston, South-Carolina. […] Never have I beheld a place which appeals more thoroughly to me. The climate is marvellous and summer-like—palmettos, live-oaks, creeping vines, wisteria, jasmine, azaleas, etc., etc. everywhere, and the thermometer up around 75° and 80° in April and May. Nearly everyone was wearing a straw hat, and […] The atmosphere made me feel 20 years younger and 100% better—indeed, I seemed to have a genuine surplus of energy for the first time since the preceding August. The sea-breeze was always blowing, and I became as tanned as an Indian in two days.” —H.P. Lovecraft, from “Account of a Visit to Charleston, S.C.” (28th April 1930)