Lovecraft’s star-chart or ‘planisphere’: “The Barritt-Serviss Star and Planet Finder”, circa 1906.


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“Thirty years ago I bought a large planisphere from Barritt — the so-called “Barritt-Serviss Star and Planet Finder”, with a graduated ecliptic and thumb-tacks for planets. An accompanying booklet gave the right ascension of each planet at short intervals for about a decade ahead, so that one could simply stick a tack on the ecliptic at the right place and all be set. Time passed, the booklet became obsolete, and I didn’t know what had become of Barritt and his firm. For a while I used the Nautical Almanack…” (Selected Letters V, p.412)

He was still using this with binoculars for casual star-gazing (not serious observation work) in the early 1920s.