* Vicente Quirarte (2014), “Morir en Azcapotzalco”, Revista de la Universidad de Mexico, No. 122, 2014. (In Spanish. Note that the HTML version of this article appears prematurely truncated. Muses on what might have happened had Lovecraft followed Barlow into exile in Mexico City, in order to recuperate from his survived illness. The author supposes that there Barlow would have gladly acted as typist for Lovecraft, and the climate would also have encouraged new fiction writing. With a legacy from Barlow’s aunt, the two friends would set up house together and Lovecraft discover a new sunset paradise amid the summer estate villas and strict social hierarchy of Mexico. Lovecraft would learn to read and write Spanish, and thus directly influence the peak years of early magic realism. However, the illness would return and Lovecraft dies in 1945. Barlow — having the income from Lovecraft’s estate and so not needing to teach classes — escapes homosexual blackmail by a student and thus lives to 80, and so Derleth never gets a look-in. These musings are made on the occasion of the publication of a book of Spanish translations of the works of Barlow and Lovecaft. The PDF version of this article appears to be a longer version of the 2012 blog post “Lovecraft, Barlow y Azcapotzalco”).