MLA 2015 Vancouver, session roundtable on “Weird Fiction, Weird Methods”. Does weird fiction have a single coherent approach and origin? Does it need to be read and studied differently than other fiction? Can it find a place in academia, or is it just too… weird?

* Kate Marshall (elements of American naturalist literature may have been co-opted by the early weird)

* S. T. Joshi (recapping Lovecraft’s theories of the weird)

* Ali Sperling (the early literary weird should be understood as part of the history of modernist literature)

* Matthew Taylor (what the new Speculative Realist philosophy has taken from the old weird, especially re: autonomous self-generating systems that have unhuman frames of reference)

* Eileen Joy (can academics develop a weird methodology for weird literature, by borrowing ideas from the philosophers of OOO Speculative Realism?)