Here’s a picture of the man who kept Lovecraft in steady revision work through the mid 1920s. Lovecraft revised a whole lot of Bush’s poetry, and sometimes also wrote whole chapters of Bush’s homespun popular psychology pamphlets and books — such as two or three chapters for Applied Psychology and Scientific Living.

bush1924Ad in the front pages ads section of Popular Science, Jan 1924.

Presumably Lovecraft wasn’t invited to ghost Bush’s sex manuals such as Psychology of Sex: How to Make Love and Marry (c.1924), with chapters such as “What To Do On The Wedding Night, And Why Not To Be Ashamed Of One’s Sexual Urges”. One does, though, wonder if Bush may have felt Lovecraft eminently suited to ghost-write his pamphlet Spunk (How to Lick Fear) (c. early 1924). Here it is noted that it is “declared to be the masterpiece” of Bush’s work. Hyperbolic sales talk, perhaps, but if Lovecraft had tackled it — writing on a subject he was expert on — then it might indeed have been rather a good read…

fearPopular Science, July 1926.