The Night Land Journal takes an interest in Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore, who were late correspondents of Lovecraft who later married each other…

“…Lovecraft had borrowed some books from Moore, which he then loaned to Kuttner. Lovecraft gave Kuttner the address of “Sister Katy” (as Lovecraft called Moore) and asked Kuttner to return the books to Moore. Kuttner did, though he addressed the package to “Mr. C.L. Moore.” Catherine wrote back to Henry, telling him that she was definitely a “Miss,” not a “Mr..” This initial correspondence begat further New York to Indiana correspondence, which begat a Kuttner-Moore face-to-face meeting in 1938 (in California, which both were visiting at the time). The two wrote to each other for another year and a half before they married, in 1940.”

“A card here, a letter there, a years’ long correspondence becomes a romance, then a marriage that becomes the basis for one of the most remarkable literary combinations of all time. Kuttner, Moore, Lovecraft, et al. Combinations and connections. Book project, anyone?”

A visual infographic of all of the web of Lovecraft’s correspondence interconnections would certainly make for a fascinating giant wall-chart. Kickstarter, anyone?