H.P. Lovecraft Original Handwritten Postcard 1922 on eBay. This sits between the 1922 and 1924 sections in the volume of collected New York letters.

Sent 12th October 1922 from Brooklyn NYC, to Galpin in Wisconsin. Lovecraft was at that time a guest of Sonia in NYC.


“Just read Belknape’s [Frank Belknap Long] epistle — for —’s sake chuck the free verse! Hope you got my letter all right. Have been tiring out my aunt — taking her to museums, Van Courtland mansion, & Columbia College [Columbia University, presumably to get a repeat of the exhaustive tour of the campus that Lovecraft had had some weeks earlier from Long, who was then a student there]. Tonight [11th Oct] the gang dines at Belknape’s — pipe de Jawn Hancocks [slangy: military / historical allusion + humourous black dialect overlay. Meaning: ‘stand by to receive their fancy signatures’],
      Grandpa Theobald & aunt”

      Appended signatures: A.E.P.G. [Annie E. P. Gamwell, Lovecraft’s aunt] | Mrs J. B. Long [the host, Long’s mother] | Francois [Loveman??] | S.H.G. [Sonia] | Edgar A. Poe [Long?] | T.S. Eliot [Kirk?]

A “John Hancock” was then slang for an overly large and fantastic signature, after the standout Hancock signature on the Declaration of Independence.