Interesting news of a new Joshi-introduced book set for 2014 or 2015, The Lovecraftian Poe: Essays on influence, reception, interpretation and transformation

“That Poe was among the greatest influences on Lovecraft is widely known; Lovecraft famously referred to Poe as both his “model” and his “God of Fiction.” Yet, despite widespread recognition of this fact amongst scholars and fans of both Poe and Lovecraft’s work, there has surprisingly so far been no collection that brings together scholarly approaches to this topic. This collection aims to address this absence, gathering original essays that focus closely on the precise nature and extent of Poe’s influence on Lovecraft, Lovecraft’s role in Poe’s wider reception and dissemination, and his adoption and adaptation of many of Poe’s concepts and techniques.”

Judging by a Google search the call-for-papers had all the reach and impact of a very small patch of slime-mould, and sadly the deadline for papers has now gone.