I made a quick whistle-stop tour around the conference listings for 2014…

Brown University Graduate Student Conference on the Monstrous and the Religious Imagination – 28th February 2014, Providence, USA. (No Lovecraft on the roster, oddly).

Pulp Magazine Studies, Popular Culture/American Culture Association National Conference – 16th-21st April 2014, Chicago, USA.

Monstrous Geographies, 14th-16th May 2014, Lisbon, Portugal.

The Power of the Monstrous, 26th-27th June 2014, University of London, UK.

Visualizing Fantastika: an interdisciplinary conference – 4th July 2014, Lancaster, UK

Fear, Horror & Terror: Rituals, Myths and Symbolism – 11th-13th September 2014, Oxford, UK.

A Fiend in the Furrows – Perspectives on ‘Folk Horror’ in Literature, Film & Music – 19th-21th September 2014. Queen’s University Belfast, UK.