A Lovecraftian novel Move Under Ground (2009) has been released for free in PDF and HTML. It’s also on Amazon as a hardcover or a trade paperback or for the Kindle ereader. No audio book, sadly. Reviews were rather positive, although its 60,000 words and 210 pages were damned as “short”, by the sort of annoying reviewer who thinks a key measure of the worth of a modern novel is its thickness in inches.


Move Under Ground is reportedly a successful pastiche of Kerouac’s trademark gyrating stream-of-consciousness style, melded with Lovecraft’s approach to extended riffs on the monstrous-in-landscape. The famous Beat writer Jack Kerouac tells the story (spoilers) of the rising of R’lyeh off the coast of California, and of the road trip Jack takes as he flees from California to Manhattan to tackle the murderous Cthulhu cult. Cassady, Ginsburg, and Burroughs all have bit parts, it seems. I’ve had a 10% free sample sent to my Kindle.