* Nicholas Mazzuca (2009), The Dreamer Deepe: A Two-Act Play in the Lovecraft Horror Mythos (Stage play submitted in place of a formal Masters disseration, Clemson University)

* Kurt Fawver (2013) The Terror of Possibility: A Re-evaluation and Reconception of the Sublime Aesthetic (PhD thesis, University of South Florida. Appears to touch on Lovecraft from time to time, throughout)

* Ryan P. Kennedy (2012), Evolution of Effect: The Numinous in Gothic and Post-Gothic Ghost Experience Literature. (Undergraduate dissertation, a short section discusses the theme in H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories)

* Xavier Gamboa (2012), Baroque Worlds of the 21st Century (PhD thesis, “an analysis of the unfolding twenty-first century neobaroque phenomenon”. Not on Lovecraft per se, but seems to have been inspired by Patric MacCormack’s 2007 essay “Baroque Intensity: Lovecraft, Le Fanu, and the Fold” and other writing on the neobaroque)