New audio discussion and partial readings of pulpy Clark Ashton Smith stories, now on The Double Shadow podcast, with more promised…

“Hunters from Beyond” (Strange Tales, October 1932). Smith is said to have admitted this story was inspired by “Pickman’s Model”, see: An H.P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia p.247. Story full-text.


“Seedling of Mars” (Wonder Stories Quarterly, Fall 1931 as “The Planet-Entity”, illustrated by Frank R. Paul). Story full-text.


E.M. Johnston had a credit because Smith was basing his tale on a short prize-winning synopsis submitted by Johnston.

“Seedlings of Mars” seems to be set to be followed in the coming weeks by the other Mars stories, in sequence: “The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis” (commonly said to be Smith’s most Lovecraftian story); “Dweller in the Gulf (in the Martian Depths)” (said to be rather Lovecraftian in terms of copious amounts of slime and decay); and “Vulthoom”.