Nope, sadly it doesn’t exist, seemingly being just a concept mock-up for a total makeover of a classic old Ghost Busters solid-state pinball table from the 1980s. It seems the guy went with a straight refurbishment rather than a Lovecraft mod.

It’s rather amazing to realise there’s no digital pinball table for the PC for any Lovecraft story. There was a very obscure, but well-reviewed, Sega Saturn game made by Japanese, Digital Pinball: Necronomicon. Today it looks more than a little basic, compared to the latest Marvel Doctor Strange pinball table…



So there seems a whole lot of room for a Kickstarter here, to develop a nice three-table Lovecraft pinball game. One of the tables might even be based on Lovecraft the man, maybe with a “get back home to Providence from the hell of New York” theme: subways, trains, towers, libraries, night-walks, lack of money, all providing natural game elements.