A new edition of the Italian language scholarly journal Studi Lovecraftiani is out.

BookCoverPreview SL 13

My translation of the contents list:

* Thematic and diachronic analysis : The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath and At the Mountains of Madness

* From the imaginary architecture of otherness: the perception of the world in the work of H.P. Lovecraft

* Lovecraft and the dinosaur egg [must refer to that controversy he stirred over the theme of a published story]

* Plants of Dr. Cinderella : parallels between Gustav Meyrink and H.P. Lovecraft

* Lovecraft and Physics

* Carcosa

* Dark castles, crypts and monsters : Lovecraft in Quake [the popular videogame]

* The Key and the Abyss : a Jungian reading of the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft

“The Well of the Ancients” by H.P. Lovecraft [?]

* “Gaze fixedly into the red eye of your god!” Or, the reluctant messiah of Rivermouth : a commentary on the film Cthulhu

* Review

* The Library of the Lovecraftian scholar : notifications for a critical bibliography

* Notes on books, essays and articles in the press related to HPL, 2010-2013