My unofficial round-up of NecronomiCon Providence 2013 news and links…

* Cthulhu Commune remembers the Picnic with Wilum Pugmire, Part I and Part II. Part two has audio of Pumire’s fateful reading of Derleth’s poem “Providence: Two Men Meet at Midnight”.


* Rough photo of the cover of the Providence Phoenix


* Fred S. Lubnow has kindly placed online Part I of the talk, “Human Interpretations on the Biology and Evolution of the Old Ones”, given at NecronomiCon 2013.

* Odd Things Seen has some fab photos, including a photo of the lobby poster at the con, also showing to full effect the sumptuous decor of the Biltmore…

NecronomiCon 11__OTIS

* Penelope Love remembers the College Hill Walking tour and the convention itself, with photos.

* “I’m serving Cthulhu shaped mini gherkins” — fab idea for refreshments at the next convention 🙂