900 pages of Centipedal goodness! Yes, Amazon is now listing H.P. Lovecraft — a huge chunk of hardcover H.P. Lovecraft edited by S.T. Joshi, and published by the Centipede Press Library of Weird Fiction. A postman can be crawling to your doorstep with it on 10th Dec 2013 🙂


Also due soon, according to S.T. Joshi’s blog (18th June 2013), are similar Centipede volumes of…

“Edgar Allan Poe; Algernon Blackwood; William Hope Hodgson; Dennis Etchison; John Metcalfe; Sax Rohmer; Robert W. Chambers; J. Sheridan Le Fanu; E.F. Benson (2 vols.); W. C. Morrow; Carl Jacobi”