Additional information, including addresses, for Edward Harold Cole (1892-1966), a long-time amateur journalism friend of Lovecraft, who… “frequently visited Cole in the Boston area in the 1920s and 1930s” (An H.P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia). Cole and Lovecraft corresponded from 1914 onwards, and the letters survive but don’t appear to have been yet collected in a single volume book form.


Cole was born in Boston. Harvard notes he lived at 36 Tower St., Somerville, a suburb of Boston in the early/mid 1910s. He was a Harvard freshman in the class of 1915, where he won a scholarship. An H.P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia has details of his brief marriage — his wife died in 1919, the year after she gave birth to their son E. Sherman Cole. Cole became administrative assistant at Chauncy Hall School, Boston, and was later Head of Department of English there, with some sources also having him as head of History. He published his Lovecraft edition of The Olympian (Autumn 1940) from Wollaston, Massachusetts. The book Harvard Class of 1915 (1935) lists him as living at 53 Freeman St., Wollaston, Massachusetts — confirming the same address in Lovecraft’s 1937 address list.