My unofficial round-up of NecronomiCon Providence 2013 news and links…

* Fab b&w picture of the H.P. Lovecraft bronze bust unveiled at NecronomiCon, snagged from a Russian Lovecraft Facebook-a-like page. Unknown photographer…


I wonder why the Public Library didn’t want this? He had far more connection with that. But I guess they would have had an uproar over the racism, and chanting leftist demonstrators waving placards outside…

* A short write-up of NecronomiCon 2013 in the trade magazine Publishers Weekly

“Sunday morning featured the traditional Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast. Bob Price, a former Baptist minister who, like Lovecraft, is now an ardent atheist, gave the sermon. Hymns were supplied by the Innsmouth Tabernacle Choir, led by writer Darrell Schweitzer.”

* Lovecraft eZine has video highlights of one of the walking tours.

* John Goodrich’s post-convention report

“I would estimate that the female-to-male ratio was probably 1:5, but that’s a quantum leap over previous Lovecraftian conventions I have attended.”

* K.H. Vaughan’s convention report part two

“[at WaterFire, the]…twenty-foot Cthulhu puppet … lost structural integrity and collapsed, leading to cries that the Elder God needed blue pills and more virgins.”

* Flickr photo-set of the ‘creature opera’ at WaterFire…



* H.P. Lovecraft and Steampunk combine with tentacle-play-toys, at the Old Stone Bank’s off-con steampunk show. Photo by Babette Daniels…