My unofficial news and links round-up for NecronomiCon Providence 2013…

* See the main Biltmore Hotel convention venue on Google Street View (give it a minute to load), so you can explore the surrounding streets before arrival and get yourself oriented. Sadly I couldn’t find any photo-tour or similar for interior orientation, just a confusing floor-plan.


* Five-day weather forecast for Providence. Looking glorious!

* One-day tickets for Saturday have now nearly sold out, with only six left.

* The main-venue Biltmore Hotel has a big Starbucks inside it.

* Lovecraft eZine has a new YouTube videochat, with NecronomiCon Providence 2013 organiser Neils Hobbs. It’s 80 minutes of detailed chat with Hobbs, so for the time-pressed I’ve summarised the more important things mentioned (things that you might not find online already)…

– 1,200 attendees booked so far, and 1,300 programme guides being printed.

– a big logistical effort is being put into giving a smooth Friday morning registration period.

– special city walking / travel route maps will be in the programme guide.

– an at-a-glance events spreadsheet will be in the programme guide.

– the schedule and programme events spreadsheet is now set in stone, no more changes.

– PDFs of the schedules + special maps will be on the website soon.

– free wi-fi at the hotels.

– coffee will be strategically placed around numerous places.

– there should be 55 sales-room vendors.

– rickshaws will be giving rides between convention sites.

– fast food-trucks will be ready nearby, right outside the Biltmore, at lunchtimes.

– there will be a costume contest as part of the Fancy Dress ball (which is a $10 ticketed event, tickets still available).

– fancy dress can also be more general 1890s-1930s vintage styles, if you can’t get a Lovecraftian monster-costume for it.

Plus some reminders:

– (!) print your Eventbrite ticket/pass receipt and bring it to registration, to speed things up.

– the art shows are all now open to visit, for any early arrivals in Providence. This is ahead of the official opening ceremonies.

– the city’s spectacular Waterfire event is all completely free.

– the general public is welcome at the convention’s movie screenings around Providence (though there may be a ticket cost for them).

– respectful visiting of the HPL grave site is permitted during the day (the cemetery gates are open sunrise-to-sunset) during the convention. No night visits.