Rather than post NecronomiCon Providence 2013 online items individually, I’ll be (unofficially) collecting them under “Update” posts…

* An Associated Press wire story on Necronomicon Providence 2013 has been picked up by The Washington Post [non-paywall alt version]. Gets it broadly right, and has quotes from Joshi…

“I think we’re finally getting to the era where horror fiction can be looked at more than just something to scare you,” (Joshi)

* The Providence Journal has a nice informative article too.


* Tickets still selling fast, but currently only 13 x one-day tickets still left for the Saturday.

* S.T. Joshi is reportedly heading to Boston today (Sunday), and then will be in Providence on Wednesday. He’s rumoured to be in the market for a bright yellow fireman’s raincoat for the Fancy Dress Party, so he can be “The King in Yellow” 🙂