There’s a mountainous new pay-what-you-like bundle of Lovecraft stuff at VoDo. Offer expires 18th August 2013.

* The very well-reviewed Cthulhu-Holmes cross-over 2006 PC videogame Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened (the later “remastered” version, which added improved graphics/lighting and a new help system showing step-by-step puzzle solutions. Warning: massive plot-spoilers for this, to be found front-and-centre on the game’s Steam page. The link above goes to the 2006 IGN review which mostly refrains from plot-spoilers).

* The “stunningly complex” (T3) but well-reviewed PC strategy RPG videogame Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land.

* The fun retro PC satire-game RPG Cthulhu Saves the World.

* BrinkVision’s well-reviewed feature film Die Farbe (“The Color Out of Space”).

* Issues 1-7 of Innsmouth Magazine (mobi/epub)

* “Two annual megapacks” of the Lovecraft eZine (mobi/epub)

* Lovecraft audio books of “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”, “Mountains Of Madness”, and “The Rats In The Walls”, from the Atlanta Radio Theater Company.