Added to the Open Lovecraft page:

Vivian Ralickas (2007), “”Cosmic Horror” and the question of the sublime in Lovecraft”, Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, Vol.18, No.3, 2007. (See also “Lovecraft and the Sublime: a reinterpretation” in Lovecraft Annual 2011).

Also, I found a mention of a new paper, presented at the end of June 2013 at a European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism conference in Sweden. It’s unusual, in that the subject is the more recent of the fictional representations of Lovecraft himself. Sadly it’s not online, other than an abstract.

Erik Alvstad, “The Author as Monster: insanity, necromancy and monstrosity in literary representations of H.P. Lovecraft”…

” … Through analyses of short stories, graphic novels and comic strips that feature HPL as their protagonist it will be shown that H.P. Lovecraft posthumously has been endowed with what might be called an inverted sainthood; by variously depicting H.P. Lovecraft as a madman, monster and malevolent necromancer, in his own fictive universe the author is rendered into a dark and mentally unstable hero involved in a drama of cosmic dimensions. This fictionalization of the historical H.P. Lovecraft is construed as one of the more recent steps in the process of canonizing the author in question. …”

Who knew?