The Brown University Library’s Lovecraft collection will apparently be closed during NecronomiCon Providence 2013, but Brown has just announced…

“a two-part exhibit this summer in partnership with the Providence Athenaeum … “The Shadow Over College Street: H.P. Lovecraft in Providence,” will be on exhibit 19th August through 22nd September in the Philbrick Rare Book Room of the Providence Athenaeum [251 Benefit St., and] a smaller satellite exhibit will be on view in the lobby of the John D. Rockeller, Jr. Library [10 Prospect St., their main arts and humanities student library] from 19th August through 24th October. … Both parts of the exhibit feature materials from the John Hay Library [at Brown]. Explores Lovecraft’s youth in Providence and the city’s role in shaping his career as a master craftsman of weird fiction.”