Interesting new work of fiction, due in October. The Natural Dissolution of Fleeting-Improvised-Men: The Last Letter of H.P. Lovecraft by Gabriel Blackwell. Seems to be inspired by Lovecraft’s stream-of-consciousness style sections sometimes to be found in the Letters, usually in a reverie over a particular landscape he’s experienced. Only Blackwell pins the style to performative delvings into the nature of the self. The new book is 194 pages, complete with faux annotations and precise typographical design. Sounds like a fascinating little fabulation.

“I found myself no longer at my desk and without my body, sprung whole from the womb of human existence and cast out into the shrieking wilds of the barren, ghoulish fifth dimension once more… Instead of unconsciousness, it was now a purer sort of consciousness, I thought, the roaming of a dreaming brain without any of the snares set by the nerves, so that I felt as though I had no body, as though my vision had no connection to the eye.”

Natural_Dissolution_of_Fleeting-Improvised Men

  [ Hat-tip for quote: Whimsy of Creation ]