Added to the Open Lovecraft page…

* Tristan Garcia (2013), “Crossing Ways of Thinking: on Graham Harman’s system and my own”, Parrhesia : a journal of critical philosophy, No.16, 2013, pp.14-25. (Tristan Garcia responds to Harman’s recent book Weird Realism: Lovecraft And Philosophy, recognising its multiple levels of usefulness for philosophy. Harman responds in his follow-on article “Tristan Garcia and the Thing-in-Itself”).

Also found a long abstract for a Masters dissertation, An examination of contributive narrative: A look at the Lovecraft Circle and the expansion of the Cthulhu Mythos

“The Lovecraft Circle [i.e. the early use of his mythos in fiction by others] stands as a hybrid example of a controlled Fanfic [fan fiction] that expands a fictional world using techniques from contributive narrative, publication, and acknowledgment. With the support of literary theories and research from accredited Lovecraft scholars, there is concrete evidence that the Lovecraft Circle can be classified as a true literary circle that stands apart from postmodern writing circles.”

And an abstract for the paywalled “Music Against Horror: H.P. Lovecraft and Schopenhauer’s Aesthetics”

“…it is possible to position “The Music of Erich Zann” as a distillation of Lovecraft’s reading of Schopenhauer into a nuanced and effective dramatic narrative. A reading of Lovecraft that incorporates Schopenhauerian aesthetics, in this instance specifically related to music, can illuminate Lovecraft’s fiction and resonate with both Lovecraft’s and Schopenhauer’s world views.”