Just published in hardback from Cambridge University Press: Antarctica in Fiction: Imaginative Narratives of the Far South

“This comprehensive and engaging analysis of a wide range of Antarctic fiction – from lost-race romances to espionage thrillers to travellers’ tales to horror fantasies – is essential reading for anyone interested in the history, literature and culture of Antarctica”

The Introduction is available free online, with footnotes missing.

And interesting find is George Clarke Simpson’s 1914 story “Fragments of a Manuscript Found by the People of Sirius When They Visited the Earth During the Exploration of the Solar System” (South Polar Times. Vol. 3), which uses the term “climate change” to imagine a dramatically warmed earth, so much so that it causes all the Antarctic ice to melt. The author is not obscure, since he was a famous polar expeditionary of the time and went on to head the Met Office. But the story is so obscure that it seems rather unlikely Lovecraft knew of it.