Today in the UK both The Financial Times and Guardian Books notice the new wrist-breaker anthology The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories. Amazon UK currently has the book used for as low as £10.

It weighs in at 4lbs, and 750,000 words. So… can I get a Kindle version? No, of course not. What a waste of great publicity. All those potential sales from newspaper reviews just flushed down the drain or diverted to Pirate Bay, because there’s no Kindle version. Seriously, do we need a mass “one-star review” campaign on Amazon, to force publishers to give readers Kindle versions of new books?

Anyway, the chronological anthology looks interesting (even if the only Lovecraft in it is “The Dunwich Horror”, often regarded as a failure), and Weird Fiction Review has a handy table of contents.