This post is “old news” — but over the last year or so I’ve been returning to Lovecraft and literary speculative fiction after twenty years, and am consequently finding a lot of new goodies. While I thought the BBC Radio 3 documentary The Strange Life of H.P. Lovecraft was rather good, I was rather disappointed with the feature-length film documentary The Eldritch Influence: the life, vision and phenomenon of H.P. Lovecraft (2004 on DVD). So it’s good to now learn of another new feature-length documentary, Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown (Oct 2009 on DVD). It seems to have been very well reviewed and has won several awards — although awards these days are increasingly untrustworthy, skewed by politically correctness or a ‘me and my mates’ approach. Unfortunately the DVD is currently only available on a Region 1 (USA) DVD, and those of us in the UK will need a region-free player.

There are reviews at: Dread Central | Cinema Suicide | Scott Kenemore | Fatally Yours.