Teaching Tolkien

Waymeet for Tolkien Teachers is a new website / signposting hub for those teaching Tolkien — perhaps alongside Lovecraft, Peake etc. It seems the intention is for the Waymeet to become an open “digital journal” on the topic (see the “submit articles” link on the menu), and as such it may interest readers who teach Tolkien-as-horror (barrow wights, Shelob, tentacled pool-dwellers, Black Riders, Mirkwood spiders etc).

PulpFest 2015

Pulpfest 2015 has just posted its Lovecraft programme for August 2015. It will include…

* “Jon Arfstrom, perhaps the last living artist who contributed covers to the original run of Weird Tales … will talk about his career with pulp art historian, David Saunders.”

* “The Call of Cthulhu: The Development of Lovecraft’s Mythos” … a panel of Lovecraftian and pulp scholars.


More new scholarly Lovecraft books

More new scholarly print books from Hippocampus Press…

Donald R. Burleson’s Lovecraft: An American Allegory is a new book collection of his essays from the past 40 or so years. It appears to be shipping now.

Lovecraftian Proceedings No. 1 is a print collection of the papers read at NecronomiCon 2013, and is set for publication August 2015. I’m unsure if these are verbatim from the conference, or if some have been expanded.

Added to Open Lovecraft

* Brandon Reynolds (2008), “Slumming in the horror-fantasy ghetto: utopian ideals in the work of H.P. Lovecraft” (Masters dissertation for California State University)

* Gavin Weston et al (2015), Anthropologists in Films: “The Horror! The Horror!”, American Anthropologist, Vol. 117, No. 2, pp. 1–13, June 2015. (Finds 53 films featuring fictional representations of anthropologists, 26 of those being horror films. “We examine the role of anthropologists in these films as experts and mediators for seemingly alien “others” and how this lends itself to frequently heroic depictions”)

* Alexander A. G. Gladwin, Matthew J. Lavin, Daniel M. Look (2015), “Stylometry and Collaborative Authorship: Eddy, Lovecraft, and “The Loved Dead””, Digital Scholarship in the Humanities (Oxford), July 2015.


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