Some forthcoming conferences in 2015

Some academic conferences already announced for 2015, of relevance to H.P. Lovecraft…

* Gothic Spaces: Boundaries, Mergence, Liminalities, 21st-22nd January 2015, Sydney, Australia.

   “the meaning and impact of Gothic spaces not only in aesthetic terms, but also the physical, psychological, and the cultural”

* Monstrous Geographies: places and spaces of monstrosity, 22nd-24th March 2015, Lisbon, Portugal.

   “the relationship between the monstrous and the geographic”

* 2nd Global Conference on Letters and Letter Writing, 22nd-24th March 2015, Lisbon, Portugal.

    Very broad, seems to be open to anything on letters and correspondence circles.

* “The Once and Future Antiquity: Classical Traditions in Science Fiction and Fantasy” conference, Seattle, 27th-29th March 2015.

   “What roles has classical antiquity played in visions of the future, the fantastic, the speculative, the might-have-been?”

* Enchanted Edwardians, 30th-31st March 2015, Bristol, England.

   “…the ways in which the [British] Edwardians understood and employed the idea of the enchanted, the haunted and the supernatural.”

* Local Color Outside the Lines: American Literary Regionalism’s ‘Others’ (Northeast Modern Literature Assoc.), 30th April 2015, Toronto, Canada.

   “This panel seeks papers that address [USA] literary regionalism’s ‘others’ construed narrowly or broadly”.

The Google-ocracy


“The healthiest aristocracy is the most elastic — willing to beckon and receive as accessions all men of whatever antecedents who prove themselves aesthetically and intellectually fitted for membership. It gains, moreover, if its members can possess that natural nobility which is content with a recognition of its own worth, and which demonstrates its superiority in superior works and behaviour, rather than in snobbish and arrogant speech and attitude.” — H.P. Lovecraft, October 1921.



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