The Wright stuff

Picture of Lovecraft’s sometime editor, ol’ Farnsworth Wright of Weird Tales. He was probably a few years into Parkinson’s Disease at that point. Scan via Leigh Blackmore, who has kindly just overhauled Farnsworth Wright‘s formerly weak Wikipedia page.


Love the idea that there was once an era when a tailored suit could be worn with a flat cap, without people pointing and staring. Bring it back :)

Added to Open Lovecraft

* Jack Adrian (online 2012), “An M.R. James Letter”, Ghosts & Scholars (first series) No.8, 1986. (Annotated version of a private 1926 letter which contains James’s comments on… “a disquisition of nearly 40 pages of double columns on Supernatural Horror in Literature by one H.P. Lovecraft, whose style is of the most offensive. He uses the word cosmic about 24 times.”)

Alan Moore On Lovecraft and Providence

“All About Alienation: Alan Moore On Lovecraft and Providence, in The Quietus, the modern online equivalent of the 1980s NME

As an extension of their recent interview, Nick Talbot speaks to Alan Moore about the language and philosophy of H.P. Lovecraft and his upcoming ten-part Cthulhu Mythos [comic-book] work Providence

Here’s Moore on Lovecraft scholarship. I think he has in mind the clear straightforward approach of Joshi…

Providence is [...] set in 1919, or at least the first ten issues are, and I have researched the hell out of it. But one of the things I’ve realised, I’ve got about two shelves of just Lovecraft criticism — Weird Realism: Lovecraft and Philosophy; H.P. Lovecraft: The Decline of the West — and it’s changed my opinion of literary criticism [...] reading these pieces [of Lovecraftian scholarship] has completely changed my [inverted snobbery regarding establishment academic litcrit language]. Not about all of them, some of them are basically saying very little in as many words as possible, but that is not a fair characterisation of a lot of them.


Crafting Cthulhu

Echo Station muses on what he wants in a Cthulhu idol

To sum up, my ideal Cthulhu idol would have the following characteristics:

* stylized
* looms outward, or otherwise aggressively posed
* big grabby unfinished-looking wings, possibly posed asymmetrically
* spider-like eyes, but probably not too regular in numbers or symmetry
* extremities not clearly arms or flippers or whatever, but some horrible combination, and skinny rather than [body-builder] buff
* inhuman (probably covered by all of the above)
* intelligent
* menacing


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