Lovecraft Festival

Hot on the heels of the Lovecraft Film Festival, comes what is effectively a proto Lovecraft Theatre Festival. The 6th Annual H.P. Lovecraft Festival promises ten performances of various tales in the East Village, Manhattan, New York City.

Oct 2 – The shadow over Innsmouth / The moon pool
Oct 3 – The Dunwich horror / The statement of Randolph Carter
Oct 9 – The shadow over Innsmouth/ The beast in the cave
Oct 10 – From beyond / The call of cthulhu/ The beast in the cave
Oct 11 – The shadow over innsmouth / The moon pool
Oct 12 – The Dunwich horror/ Dagon


“I shall try to arrange to have you hear the record I got…”

A Kickstarter to make the full version of the feature documentary Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown available again. It’s gone out-of-print, and the discs sells for silly prices used due to…

the nearly 70 minutes of extra interviews only found on those old discs.

The Wyrd guys are sure to get funded, but I think they missed a trick in not offering an affordable $7 donation level — to get just the extra 70 minutes in audio .mp3 format.



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